Quartbone : quatuor de Trombone, quatuor de Sacqueboute

trombone trombones
Fabrice Millischer


When in 2006 Fabrice Millischer, Aurélien Honoré, Jean-Philippe Navrez and Fabien Dornic take the decision to found their Ensemble « QUARTBONE », they announce themselves as pioneers of a merger between modern and ancient practices of the trombone, a merger that is demonstrated by their Ensemble.

Jean-Philippe Navrez

Their decision to preserve the musical complexity of these two lines by founding their quartet– with the excellent support of the Great Master of the Trombone, Mr. Michel BECQUET – is only a logic consequence of their beginning friendship. In fact, their common studies of music at the “C.N.S.M.D” of Lyon, the Superior National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon, have in fact encouraged them to realise their idea of foundation of this quartet.

Aurélien Honoré


The Ensemble « QUARTBONE » may be in concert as trombone quartet as well as « sacqueboute-quartet” (the baroque ancestor of the trombone).
It is very significant that we combine these two instruments by dedicating each of them a solo part.

Today’s musicians and music fanatics mainly know the trombone from Jazz, brass bands/orchestras or from the repertory of a symphony orchestra.
Anyway, this period of the so-called “modern” instrument has totally overshadowed its original ancestor, the “sacqueboute” of the Baroque.
The revival of its origins enables us to discover an instrument almost forgotten and at the same time above all, to give back to our epoch the true and real essence of the trombone.

Fabien Dormic

By the use of the “sacqueboute” the Ensemble “QUARTBONE” breaks the barrier of time and enlarges the repertory, because it enables them to present works that have originally not been composed for the trombone. Nevertheless and thanks to this instrument, due to retranscriptions or simply due to vocal transpositions, these works will appear in new glory.

Enriched by all these good qualities, the quartet “QUARTBONE” presents to you a new version of trombone.